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We wanted to let you know that we offer quality appraisal services in Pinehurst, Southern Pines, and all of Moore County. Your property gets the special attention it deserves. In today's real estate market, it's never been more important to know the true "current" value. We don't provide form filling, get the deal done, valuation services. What we offer is a thorough evaluation of your property and a professional opinion, based on current market data. We don't make the market, we just report the facts. And, we report a total, honest, unbiased opinion on your property's worth. Don't trust your largest lifetime investment to a computerized valuation service. Trust a local, experienced Realtor/Appraiser. In Moore County, property values can change by hundreds of thousands in a two-block radius. When you want to know the true value, call a local expert - call Hamp Thomas at Carolina Appraisers. 910-949-5594 or by e-mail at pinehurstappraiser@gmail.com. 

Ask about our pre-listing services... Before you price your property, arm yourself with the information you need to compete in today's marketplace. The rules of buying and selling real estate have changed. Make sure your home is the one that gets sold and doesn't end up a statistic in next year's real estate reports. The way you start the home selling process may decide the way you finish. Start with the end in mind...  
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Who do we work for? 

Banks and mortgage lenders in and near Moore county, and from around the country: We are experts in providing mortgage appraisals on real estate in the Southern Pines and Pinehurst areas. We perform full residential appraisals on Fannie Mae form 1004, drive-bys with exterior photos, interior inspections, single family, condo, FHA appraisals, purchased properties, or refinancing.

REALTORS® and real estate agents: We offer pre-listing appraisal services across the county, as well as a full range of appraisal services to support your clients' home buying or home selling needs.

FSBOs, home sellers and homeowners: A listing appraisal can be a powerful tool for a for-sale-by-owner home seller. And give yourself peace of mind that your largest investment is really worth what you think it is by obtaining a professional appraisal. 

CPAs and Attorneys: Whether it's estate planning, a divorce settlement, expert witness or a retroactive "date of death" valuation, Carolina Appraisers can provide a reliable, defensible appraisal reported in a special format developed especially for non-lending purposes. 

If your needs include a professional, prompt, accurate real estate appraisal, contact us to get started today.

What is an appraisal?

An appraisal is a thought process leading to an opinion of value. This opinion or estimate is arrived at through a formal process that typically uses the three ''common approaches to value''. They are the Cost Approach - which is what it would cost to replace the improvements, less physical deterioration and other factors, plus the land value. There is the Sales Comparison Approach - which involves making a comparison to other similar, nearby properties which have recently sold. The Sales Comparison Approach is normally the most accurate and best indicator of value for a residential property. The third approach is the Income Approach, which is of most importance in appraising income producing properties - it involves estimating what an investor would pay based on the income produced by the property. 

What does an appraiser do? 

An appraiser provides a professional, unbiased opinion of market value, to be used in making real estate decisions. 

Why would a person need a home appraisal? 

There are many reasons to obtain an appraisal with the most common reason being real estate and mortgage transactions. Other reasons for ordering an appraisal include: 

To obtain a loan.
To lower your tax burden.
To establish the replacement cost of insurance.
To contest high property taxes.
To settle an estate.
To provide a negotiating tool when purchasing real estate.
To determine a reasonable price when selling real estate.
To protect your rights in a condemnation case.
Because a government agency such as the IRS requires it.
If you are involved in a lawsuit. 

Prelisting Specialist - Bank appraisals and prelisting appraisals are NOT the same. Our success rate is tops in the industry because we know this market. Before you list your home for sale, settle an estate, or anytime you want to know the fair market value of your property (homes and land), give us a call...
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