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At Carolina Appraisers, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Real estate valuation in Moore County is an art. If you want to know a current value, based on thorough research and detailed analysis, that is the only way we know to work. There is only one way to do a full traditional appraisal; the right way, which requires hard work and time. If you're just curious, automated valuation products provide a ball-park value. If a 25-50% margin of error is acceptable, then these products work well. However, determining current market values in this unique time requires more research and analysis than ever before. Good old-fashioned hard work. Time to ride and look at comparable sales, not just a quick glance at online services. Like most things in life, there are no short cuts to quality. Simple things that used to be required in every report, that too many appraisal services no longer provide. If you need a qualified professional to treat your property with the care it deserves, please call Carolina Appraisers. We only offer residential appraisal services and we only work in Moore County. When quality matters... 
PreListing Appraisal Services
This is a full detailed assignment for those who truly want to know the value of their property, before they meet the market. In today's marketplace, prelisting appraisals are becoming the "norm." A wise investment prior to listing your home, in our price-per-square-foot world, the appraisal starts with the first step (measuring the accurate size or square footage). That step, upon which all other steps that follow are dependent, sets the stage for an accurate valuation and comparison with other similar homes. A prelisting appraisal provides your agent the ammunition they need to make your home stand out, and to give potential buyers the confidence to know they will be able to obtain financing on the property and they are paying a fair price. At the end of the day, both parties just want to know they are paying a fair price. There is a huge difference between working on bank appraisals and prelisting appraisals. As an appraiser and a Realtor, Hamp understands all the influences on value.  

Complex or Unique Properties
Moore County is full of one-of-a-kind homes that help to make our real estate market wonderful and a special place to live. These properties do not fit the cookie-cutter mold that most appraisers are used to; in fact, many appraisers who work in this market from out of town are not qualified to offer credible opinions on special properties. Real estate valuation is an "art," that requires years of appraisal experience and LOCAL KNOWLEDGE. When buying or selling in Moore County, NC; a local experienced appraiser may very well be the best value in the entire process. Start with quality...  

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Old fashioned quality with today's technology. When you need to know the true value, call Carolina Appraisers. Don't trust your largest, lifetime purchase to any automated valuation service. Zillow and all the others are for entertainment only!